KXSC Sound Sounds 12.07.2016

Unfortunately I was way too sick to do my show this week. I sound like a 60 year-old smoker, your "fun" aunt, who sneaks you sips of peppermint Schnapps in middle school and makes the family watch her reenactment of Cabaret when she gets tipsy on holidays, like Easter. I didn't have an aunt like this growing up, but it's "fun" to imagine. Clearly all the cold medicine has made me delirious. This is why we can't have nice things... I mean... this is why I couldn't do my show this week. Anywho, I've got the next best thing for you, the Spotify playlist. Enjoy without any of my raspy inane rambling.

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You can follow me on Spotify to see playlists for every show, lik dis:

1. On Hold by The xx
2. Sirens by Nylo
3. Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) by K'NAAN, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC
4. Conrad by SOHN
5. Blood Work by ATTLAS
6. Did You Wrong by Sweater Beats, MAX
7. Naked by Elin Bergman
8. One Step At A Time by Bearson, Natalola
9. Too Keen by Youngr
10. Leon by The Japanese House
11. Moon by Beth Orton
12. Image by Lera Lynn
13. Dead Alive by The Shins
14. Greenwood by You Blew It!
15. Near To The Wild Heart Of Life by Japandroids
16. Lonely by Emeli Sande
17. Close by Ryan Kinder
18. Cocoon by Milky Chance

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