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Monday, May 5, 2014

Superheadz Golden Half: Bryce Canyon

Back in December 2012 I took an amazing winter road trip to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. Though there was a huge snowstorm the night I drove in and parts of the park were closed, it was still an amazing experience. I love going to parks off season. They're much less crowded and you get to see an entirely new side of the environment. You just need to be prepared and tough it up ;)

I took a series of photos with my digital camera, which you can see here, but I also brought along my Superheadz Golden Half camera. This fun toy camera takes 2 shots per standard 35mm frame, which is perfect for prolific lomography nerds, like myself. You can see the results below. Most of these photos were taken on the Queen's Garden Trail.
Bryce Canyon Golden Half photo BryceCanyonGoldenHalf06_zps372e5a90.jpg
Bryce Canyon Golden Half photo BryceCanyonGoldenHalf01_zpsee322daf.jpg Bryce Canyon Golden Half photo BryceCanyonGoldenHalf04_zps0e374f8f.jpg Bryce Canyon Golden Half photo BryceCanyonGoldenHalf02_zps9fdde5a4.jpg Bryce Canyon Golden Half photo BryceCanyonGoldenHalf03_zps4588ea53.jpg Bryce Canyon Golden Half photo BryceCanyonGoldenHalf05_zpse9c32895.jpg

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