Superheadz Golden Half: Zion

I'm almost embarrassed to say that these photos are almost 2 years old now. The lighting conditions at Zion National Park in winter on mostly dreary days were less than ideal, and it took me while to wrestle with these negatives. I also took my digital point-and-shoot, and ended up developing those photos in black and white. Poor lighting conditions aside, I highly recommend going to Zion in winter. The park is much less crowded, and the hotel prices in Springdale, the town right outside the main entrance, are dirt cheap. Just remember to dress for cold & wet weather.

These photos were taken with the Superheadz Golden Half toy camera, which takes 2 shots for every standard frame on 35mm film. You can check out other lomography series I've done with this fun little camera, like this Bryce Canyon set, under the photo section of this blog.